About Us


Our core mission is to help our customers better engage their customers through smart site notifications. We believe these notifications can be highly beneficial to your customers without being intrusive to them or complicated for you.

Our Team

The Phenofic team is based out of Austin, TX - the land of breakfast tacos and BBQ.


While we strive for excellence in everything we do, there are a few values we place above all others:
  • Security - all Phenofic features are designed with security best practices and there's no compromising.
  • Reliability - our services must be reliable if we're to be trusted. Uptime is critical.
  • Speed - our users expect quick responses - and we build to deliver them.
  • Customer Success - we only succeed when our customers do. If there is ever an issue with security, reliability, speed, or anything else, we take it seriously and want to hear about it.