Quick and easy notification feed for your web app

Create a custom notification feed for your site and get instant access to a lightning fast API (and more!)

Unlock Numerous Benefits

Increase User Engagement

Make it easier to surface the right information at the right time with Phenofic.

Deliver Site Updates

Improve the effectiveness of new features by announcing them with notifications to all users.

Discover Insights

Metrics are captured automatically on how your users are interacting (or not!) with your notifications.

Customize Everything

The notification widget is built to be easily customizable to fit your brand.

How It Works

Create notification templates on Phenofic
Trigger them in your application using our easy-to-use API or SDKs
Install the widget on your site and voila!
Create New Notification

Quick Install Widget

Add our notification widget to your site in minutes with a simple script we provide.
Need more fine-grained control? Use the provided React component library instead to deliver a uniquely tailored experience.
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Cheaper than the competition. Cheaper than building it yourself.
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$ npm install @phenofic/sdk

Developers Will Love It

The Phenofic API and documentation are first-class features. Create a painless integration with our modern API and SDKs.